This blog is meant to capture my truth as I experience this crazy life, However, I cannot believe that I’m actually making this public. I’ve experienced some really crazy stuff and I want to share those expeiences with everyone. I know there’s people out there that can identify with me and warning, I have Add, badly. I’m everywhere all the time. So if it doesnt by make sense, sorry!

Welcome To My Blog!!

This is exciting for me. This is my first online documentation of my life. Whoo Hoo! So, I’ll be documenting my existnce during these trials and tribulations called life, which is currently upon my shadowed doorstep. I will take you from the present to the past and then back again to explore my life lessons, learned and unlearned. I know the road Im embarking upon is scary; I’m not gonna lie, but it’s truth and its honesty in the rawest form. These are the moments of my life that I want to capture and memorialize.

  1. So please Join me, as I wander down the road of the unknown; weaving my past, present and future together for that serendipitous moment to arrive. THE MOMENT MY FAITH IS VALIDATED BY THE SUPERNATURAL.

My Craft…puts me into a meditative state,where this transmutation and transformation begins. 

I acknowledge my giftS and am forever grateful for them. Even when it scares the crap out of me shey are beautiful and I cherish my Artistic Expression and as I manifest into Creation. My past was destined; my future is fated.  These are my thoughts, emotions, my values & deeds      This, is my Creed…

I hope you benefit from my experiences, learn and adapt to help make some of your lives easier. Now let’s begin…

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